Ralf F Heyer, EA

July 28, 2015

Many business owners try to keep their records on their own using some online applications. Is it a wise thing to do your own bookkeeping trying to save on a bookkeeper’s service? While you can handle some basic bookkeeping work, it is almost impossible for you to hit the efficiency and accuracy of a professional bookkeeper.

A professional bookkeeper documents all the company expenses, sales transactions, pays the bills, submits invoices and follows up so that they get cleared on time; makes sure employees file correct paperwork for payroll; and assists accountants during the tax time. Not having the support of a professional bookkeeper can be a costly affair for your business.

Focus on Your Business

Even if you are good at numbers or accounting, trying to handle your own bookkeeping can easily divert your focus from your main business. Instead of spending hours of time on mundane tasks involved in bookkeeping, focus on what you are good at – doing your core business activities. Invest your energy in building better products, processes and in developing strategies that increase sales.

Remember, you didn’t start your business because you are good at bookkeeping, but because you are good at making a product or providing a service that generates income.

Increased Efficiency

Bookkeeping is a tedious (yet critical) task that drains a lot of your mental energy. Balancing your books yourself can be very stressful, particularly when you have many other things to take care of. Assigning this responsibility to someone trained to handle such tasks can really reduce your stress levels.

Professional bookkeepers with years of experience can handle the bookkeeping tasks more accurately and efficiently as they will be well versed in bookkeeping practices and legislation.

Reduced costs

Contracting your bookkeeping work to a professional bookkeeping services company can be an affordable option compared to hiring an in-house bookkeeper. With all the costs of hiring, training, money lost in tax liabilities and IRS penalties, you will be surprised to know how much money you will be saving by hiring a professional bookkeeper.

Moreover, with an in-house bookkeeper, there is always a threat of work stopping when they leave the organization. You will have to wait until you hire another person. With an outsourced company, you can be confident that they retain all the information and if one employee leaves, others immediately take up your project.

Successful businesses outsource some of their key business operations to experts in specialized areas such as bookkeepers, accountants, engineers, HR managers and lawyers.

Bookkeeping requires specialized skills; only professionals can perform these tasks efficiently. Hand it over to the right person and have peace of mind.

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