Are Tax Planning Packages Available For Business Owners?

April 26, 2018

For owners of businesses large and small, employing the services of a tax planner is often considered, and there are many good reasons for this. But first, let’s begin by looking at exactly what role a tax planner fulfils:

What is a tax planner?

A tax planner is a qualified and professional individual who meets you ahead of tax filing time, to help develop plans and strategies to minimize your taxes. They will help you take advantage of all legitimate deductions, credits and loopholes that the current tax code offers, while giving you valuable advice, guidance and proactive solutions.

A typical tax planning package for small businesses:

For many small businesses, creating a pro-active tax plan with a tax planner is paramount to their success, and here’s how it commonly works:

The initial interview

When you first contact a tax consultancy company, they will arrange to hold a brief interview with you and their client consultant, in which you will be asked about where your business stands financially now, and where you see it standing in the future. These questions will help them to formulate a strategic and proactive tax plan for you.

Tax questionnaire

You will usually be required to fill out a short tax questionnaire to determine your financial, business and investment goals, and to see where your money currently goes.

Personal strategist

You will then be assigned a personal strategist who will review all the information that you provided and begin developing a comprehensive and proactive tax strategy. These plans have been proven to save small businesses money and can be the difference between their success or failure in their relevant market.

Tax plan review

Your personal tax strategist will always consult with you before they initiate any plan that they have developed, and your feedback will be of the utmost importance to them.

Strategy plan

Every detail included in your customized strategy plan will be recorded so that you can be involved in the entire process from beginning to end. You’ll be able to see exactly what deductions are available to you, what credits you might be able to claim and what loopholes you can take advantage of.

Follow up

Shortly after your initial consultation you’ll receive a follow up phone call from your personal strategist, to go over the details of your plan or to discuss any issues that may have arisen since the preliminary interviews. This is your opportunity to be sure that you’re clear on what strategies your tax planner has formulated, and to express any concerns that you might have.

Tax planners can help your business move forward and succeed, and with a variety of tax planning packages being offered, there is no reason why you can’t afford to seek professional help. Plus, the money that they will help you save, will surely validate your decision to hire a tax planner.

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