Can Tax Professionals Really Help Save You Money?

January 11, 2019

Most US individuals and businesses who benefit from having completed their tax returns in a timely and accurate manner, will admit to having used the services of a tax professional, and there is absolutely no shame in that.

While costs may be the concern of some, and not shame, experience shows that for most who used their services, they considered their money to have been well spent since it ensured that they faced no late filing or inaccuracy penalties, and many even saved money through deductions that they would otherwise have been unaware of.

If you’re uncertain as to whether you need or want to use a tax professional when you file your taxes this year, try asking yourself these questions to help you decide:

What will your budget be?

If your budget really is minimal and you’re having to pull up your shoestrings just to get along, then there is a chance that you might be better off filing independently. However, if you consider that a tax pro might find savings that you wouldn’t necessarily spot, the debate is still open.

If you’re a business owner, then there is no reason not to engage with a professional, and it’s strongly recommended if you’re financial circumstances are at all complicated.

Do you have the time to file your own return?

Time is often just as important to individuals and businesses alike, and if you could be doing other, more worthwhile things with your time than putting together your tax return (things that just might see you make more money), it might make sense to hire a professional. While it’s necessary for you to collate a few documents, invoices and receipts for your tax preparer, that’s the work of minutes compared to the average time it takes to fill in a Form 1040.

How complicated are your taxes?

Single filers with rented accommodation and a regular job, may not struggle to complete their own tax return, since it should be straightforward. The minute your circumstances change drastically, or your financial situation becomes more complex though, you’ll quickly wish you’d left it to the professionals. Remember that not only do tax preparers file your taxes for you, but they can offer insight and guidance into your overall tax situation, and this can prove invaluable for business owners and entrepreneurs.

There is also the issue of tax laws, which are notorious for constantly changing and confusing tax payers. With a professional, they will have up to date knowledge of every state and federal law, and will ensure that you are always in compliance with the law.

Have you ever dealt with the IRS before?

When you complete and sign your tax return, that means that you, and you alone are responsible for all the information given to the IRS. If they have any questions over your return, they will contact you directly, and sometimes this can happen years after you’ve filed. However, if you use a tax professional, you will have the opportunity to direct the IRS to your tax preparer should they have any queries. If you use an enrolled agent, CPA or attorney, they will also have the power to represent you before the IRS.

Tax professionals can certainly save you money, if there’s money to be saved, and not only that, but they’ll save you time and stress, too. For more information about how a tax professional can help you, get in touch with your nearest service provider.

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