How To Track Your Tax Refund

August 1, 2018

Getting a tax refund is what every U.S. citizen hopes for when they complete their filing, waiting for it to come through can be a nail biting time, though. The IRS state that refunds should be received within 21 days if you’ve used the e-file service or direct deposit but will take a little longer if you’ve filed through the mail or have asked for a cheque to be sent to you.

Can you track your tax refund online?

You can, using the IRS official website, by downloading the IRS app or by calling their toll-free number. When on the IRS website, click on ‘where’s my refund’ and follow the instructions. You should be able to begin tracking your tax refund within 24 hours online, provided you’ve e-filed, if you sent it through the post then unfortunately you’ll have to wait up to 4 weeks.

What information will you need to hand when tracking your refund online?

You will need to have your social security number ready, know your filing status, and be ready to give the exact amount of your expected refund. The amount needs to be precise otherwise your request to track your refund online may not be granted. Once you’ve finished entering the relevant information, simply click ‘submit’.

The next screen will then tell you whether your refund has been deposited, has been sent to you in the post, or the date that it will be due.

Tracking your tax refund on the IRS app:

Once you’ve downloaded the free IRS2Go app on your smartphone, have your social security number ready, your filing status and the precise total of your expected refund. Enter the relevant information and as with tracking your tax refund status via the IRS website, you’ll discover when you can expect it to be deposited or mailed.

Tracking your tax refund over the telephone:

The IRS tax helpline is automated and toll-free, and as with every method of tracking your refund, you’ll need to have at hand your social security number, filing status and exact amount of refund expected. It would be wise to have a notebook and pen handy too, just in case you need to write anything down. Again, you will be told when you can expect your refund and if you have any further questions you’ll be given a different number to call.

So, tracking your tax refund really couldn’t be easier, and should you require any more help regarding the filing of your taxes, then you should contact a local tax professional for the most up to date and accurate advice and guidance.

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