Tips For Finding The Right Bookkeeper – Part Two

January 27, 2019

Here are some more tips and pointers to think about before you hire a bookkeeper, or any other tax professional to help you with your business:

Using a specialized recruiter might be beneficial:

Because finding the right bookkeeper for you and your business is so important, it might be quicker, easier and more beneficial all round for you to seek help from a recruiter who specializes in finding bookkeepers and accountants for businesses.

Look for someone with college level accounting qualifications as a minimum:

The more educational qualifications a bookkeeper can have related to their profession, the better, and if you’re not looking to hire a CPA (who will have more qualifications, knowledge and experience than a bookkeeper), then you should at least be looking to hire a bookkeeper who has completed college level accounting classes; a degree in accounting is naturally preferable.

Look for an individual who can solve problems:

A good bookkeeper is often one who is good at solving problems, and this is great news for your business. While they are taking care of all the small, but important details related to your business, they can help it to grow and become more successful, and solve any problems that might be holding your business back.

Be clear on what you need from a bookkeeper before you hire one:

Try to assess the needs of your business and its’ priorities before even thinking about hiring a bookkeeper. Understanding your own requirements is perhaps the only way to find the right professional for the job, so you need to think about the type of business you have, the number of transactions you handle every day, the accounting software that you use and so on.

Look for a proactive bookkeeper:

Asking relevant questions is something that a good bookkeeper should do to be able to better understand your business. Doing so enables them to formulate and comprehend financial planning strategies, better ways of increasing revenue and managing cashflow, along with many other cost-effective ways to help you increase the business performance and growth of your company.

Find a bookkeeper who communicates effectively:

A bookkeeper worth their salary is one who can of course crunch numbers, but who can also communicate well with you and other members of your business team to ensure that they get the information they need to complete their work and help your business function and thrive.

Be sure to hire a bookkeeper with good time management skills:

Deadlines are a huge part of running a business, not only for owners but for tax professionals, so finding a bookkeeper who understands this and is reactive to deadlines, is essential. Aside from meeting deadlines, time management in general should be important to tax professionals, and they should be prompt and time-conscious; tardiness can end up costing your business money.

Hiring a bookkeeper or any other tax professional to help you run your business, should not be a process that you rush into, and researching your candidates to find one who you think you can establish a good, working relationship with, is extremely important.

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