At Heyer & Associates EA, PA, we know that attorneys need to focus on their law practice, not on bookkeeping and accounting tasks. But not devoting enough time to finances can be risky for the legal firm. That's why we are here: to take care of accounting, tax and financial management needs of law firms, lawyers, attorneys and all types of legal practices.

We’ll simplify your tax and accounting responsibilities so that you can focus on your law practice. We have extensive experience in managing accounts and providing the compliance and security required by law firms of all sizes.

We have helped a number of successful attorneys and law firms in the Miami and Coral Gables areas organize their accounting and tax tasks, saving them valuable time and money.

With a deep understanding of the tax and accounting responsibilities of legal professionals, we offer insightful advice to manage your finances and develop tax planning strategies. We provide secure access to your accounts through our Client Center so that you can check them whenever you want. We work closely with you to evaluate your practice in five key areas, including:

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